Cycling is an art

Carbon Series Saddles


Our lightest saddle still offers comfort and interchangeability. The Carbon Series Saddles are designed for the rider demanding the very best available. 

Carbon-Tepex Series Saddles


Offering the same comfort as our Carbon Series, the Carbon-Tepex Saddles bring the price down for every rider.

LCF Series Saddles


The LCF-Long Carbon Fiber Series saddles offer lighter weight than the Carbon-Tepex with the same comfort and interchangeability.

Triathlon/TT Saddles


The ultimate in lightweight comfort for triathlons and time trials.

RLS- Repente Locking System


The patented RLS locking system allows you to maintain your riding position unchanged – eliminating any risk of joint and muscular disorders.

Repente in the News


Whether it's custom saddles or prototypes to the race teams and riders with sponsor, here's where you can find all the news about Repente!